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Meet 478 entepreneurs, makers, and investors based in Detroit

ID 46418

Chase Lee

CTO @ambassador (@techstars NY '11). Community builder. Mentor to startups. @university-of-michigan Ross '13. Co-founded @fetchnotes (@techstars Boston '12 & @techarb).

ID 4490

Fred Monroe

313 Ventures LLC @getco Trading Technologies, Inc fredlabs, inc @apple

ID 102815

Ted Serbinski


Partner at @detroit-venture-partners Partners. Sold ParentsClick to A&E. Ex-Drupal dev. @cornell-university Engineering alum. Tech pioneer leading startup renaissance in Detroit.

ID 24082

Jeff Epstein


Founder of @ambassador (formerly zferral) a @techstars NYC '11 company. Trained attorney, sold startup in law school, paid off loans & never looked back.

ID 185515

Brett deMarrais


Detroit VC. Michigan Grad. a good way.

ID 24151

Justin DeLay

Co-Founder, @tempodb. UX Design at @grubhub-inc-1, Marketing at @kraft-foods. Design & Business at U of Michigan.

ID 2403

Josh Linkner


VC, tech entrepreneur, NY Times bestselling author, and keynote speaker on a mission to drive creativity, innovation, and reinvention.

ID 2895

Jonathon Triest


Founder and managing partner of @ludlow-ventures. VC without ego.

ID 519591

Chris Thomas


Founder @fontinalis-partners • Worked at @ubs, @us-army • Studied at @yale-school-of-management, @michigan-state-university

ID 78321

Andy Christensen


Investor at @arthur-ventures

ID 519619

Christopher Cheever

Founder @fontinalis-partners • Worked at @launchcapital, @ubs • Studied at @harvard-college, @yale-school-of-management

ID 69989

Jim Xiao


Investor in @instore-1, @are-you-a-human.

ID 200513

Sandy Kronenberg


Founder & Managing Partner @ludlow-ventures • Studied at @university-of-michigan, @georgetown-university - Previous CTO of Logicalis

ID 89223

Andrew Basile


ID 64346

Alex Horak

CTO & Co-founder at @fetchnotes

ID 83763

Amjad Hussain


Founder @silkroute • Worked at @nextwave • Investor @brightbytes-3, @silkroute • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @university-of-manchester

ID 424768

Gabe Karp


Partner at Detroit Venture Partners. Former exec team at ePrize (tech start up) led M&A and ultimately sale of the company to private equity firm.

ID 57926

Mark Hatch

CEO and Co-Founder of TechShop. Launched 3 Fortune 500 websites: Avery, Kinkos (ecommerce), & HealthNet's benefits ASP. Author, Speaker, MBA, Green Beret.

ID 638133

Zac MacVoy


Managing Principal @voylet-capital

ID 51832

Jacob Cohen


Partner at Detroit Venture Partners, living and investing in a changing city

ID 65616

Angel Gambino

Co-founder, Rosa Parks, LLC. One public listing & several trade acquisitions. Former senior exec at MTV Networks & the BBC.

ID 98722

Reilly Brennan


Transportation and mobility entrepreneurship at Stanford: Revs Automotive Research Program and

ID 127999

Steve Rozanski

A few start-ups under my belt in sales/marketing/project management roles. B2B & B2C. Detroit Bred Hustler.

ID 280295

John S. Knight

Founder, the Knight Foundation, which invests in media innovation through the Knight Enterprise Fund. Publisher, Knight Newspapers. Innovator.

ID 87914

Nicole Patrice De Member


Founder @toi, @groovetickets-com • Investor @lumier, @toi

ID 49522

Jared Stasik


Investor in @are-you-a-human.

ID 178482

James Lu

Entrepreneur • Studied at @university-of-michigan experience in Economics and Product Management.

ID 521995

Amy Gill


Program Director at Bizdom Startup Accelerator. I love Detroit, Startups, horses and pitbulls.

ID 238029

Michael C. Burrows

Works @hewlett-packard, @snapfish-com . Worked @yahoo, @, @ Wired Digital • Studied @michigan-state-university | Now: Munich | Next: ?

ID 177450

Matthew Neagle

Sr. Product Manager at Amazon Kindle. Worked at Google, AIESEC. Early stage start-up and investment experience. MBA and BSE from University of Michigan.

ID 463292

Kelly Keenan Trumpbour


Investor & Board Member, Baltimore Angels. Pipeline Fellow. Lover of small cities. Got my start in Detroit. Blog at

ID 295958

Erik Torenberg

Founding Team @product-hunt, previously rapping,

ID 57490

Ian Sefferman

Co-founder / CEO at @mobiledevhq. Operate @mobiledevhq, iPhoneDevSDK, and AppStoreHQ. Previously an engineer at UChicago Comp Sci.

ID 80688

David Webber

Co-Founder & CTO at @upto. Formerly founded and ran a software development company called simplData building web and iOS solutions for Fortune 500 companies.

ID 9154

Jon Gagnon

Founder, CEO @reelbig. Ex @microsoft

ID 30179

David Weinberg


Investor in Greenprint (

ID 129642

Tyler Paxton

Founder at @are-you-a-human

ID 130336

Reid Tatoris

Co-founder @are-you-a-human

ID 80483

Greg Schwartz

Co-Founder & CEO of @upto. Formerly Founder of Mobatech and Director of Digital Business at Warner Music.

ID 151816

Steve Mnich

Communications at @accel-partners. Founding team at @the-kairos-society. Led business development for @mww-group. San Francisco import. Detroit export.

ID 399444

Antonio Lück Filho


Investor in high tech start-ups

ID 617331

Amanda Darish

Michigan Ross graduate; Marketing guru (including Director at Burger King, brand management at Nestle), currently Director at Detroit-based startup

ID 800

David Goldschmidt

Cofounder @buycentives, Founder @greatfamilyrentals-com. CMO @intrago. MBA Marketing Michigan (Ross). Also @frog-design, @leo-burnett, @jwt, and Saturn.

ID 172627

Jordan Warzecha

Founder @backstitch • Worked at @ford-motor-company, @creative-logic-group , @part-d-advisors • Studied at @lake-superior-state-university

ID 268373

Andrew Colchagoff

CTO and co-founder @ginkgotree, Former Lead Developer on Restaurant Logic @Local-Logic-Media. 4yrs experience engineering web applications for small businesses.

ID 179981

Ryan Landau

Founded Chalkfly, Former Federal Consultant @ IBM

ID 509102

Adam Rosh


Humbled Emergency Medicine Physician, owner of multiple apartment buildings, a property management company, and sleep-deprived CEO of Rosh Review, the leading board review software for graduate medical education.

ID 239470

James Sokoll

Founder of @peers, Studied Biotechnology @wayne-state-university

ID 574150

Frank Manning

Sophomore studying finance at @hillsdale-college • Worked at @gochime, @forbes • Founded •

ID 77637

Dan Wilson

Founder of Moxe Health. Formerly at Epic. Started working in health tech during high school. Studied Economics and German.

ID 364577

Tim Varner

CMO and strategist at Notice Software. Digital marketing background with previous startup experience with Givt and the TrueHoop Network, an ESPN-affiliate.

ID 138818

Mike Burba


ID 443118

Partha Pantra


ID 449130

Austin Pocus

Self-taught full-stack developer. Co-founded, wrote audio analysis engine at Saygent.

ID 188357

Tamara Davis

Co-Founder @paletteapp • 20+ years in design and marketing. Strong design sense and marketing experience to the design industry.

ID 226867

Scott Hasbrouck

CEO and Founder of @ginkgotree . Former Physical Chemistry PhD student and Instructor at @university-of-georgia . Founded @paperdesk iOS app in 2010, exited in 2013 w/ 500k MUA.

ID 12847

Brian Razzaque

Studied at @johns-hopkins-university, degrees in biology and computer science. Founded VMT as web application development firm out of college and sold in 2013.

ID 105107

Jesse Genet

Founder @lumi

ID 158256

Andrew Landau

Founder @chalkfly • Worked at @google • Studied at University of Michigan • Launched in Detroit, MI.

ID 172734

Stefanie Warzecha

Founder @backstitch • Worked at @balance-consulting, @convey-compliance-systems • Studied at @lake-superior-state-university

ID 145961

Ajay Kapoor

Serial entrepreneur. SLP-NY Fellow (2010-2011) + Executive Team @startlead. Cofounder of @GrowDetroit. Startup advisor.

ID 77165

Timothy Fisher

Web/Mobile/UX design and development, Technology Author, emerging tech, Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, Baseball Stats, Tech Lead for Compuware Ventures.

ID 167222

Bob Lyons

Seasoned executive who has started businesses for 3 Fortune companies and co-founded two startups. Recognized leader on alternative workforce strategies.

ID 17921

Adam Bratt

Helping build @benzinga and @Marketfy.

ID 664961

Wayne Chuang

Co-founder @jink. Co-founder @rug-ed-products-1. Previously @united-states-marine-corps, @usa-carbide , @weld-aid, @walsh-college

ID 82266

Charlie Moret


Managing Director at Connecticut Innovations

ID 54006

Arthur Kesteloot Jr

COO @ 3d-travel, Inc., Dir Strategic Acct Mgt @ AOL Advertising, Regional Sls Mgr and Product Dev at The Walt Disney Internet Group ,University of Michigan MBA

ID 4946

Mark Ostrowski


Chairman of the Board @clubvision | Founder and Principal @ Excella Capital Partners LLP | Seeker

ID 649305

Bob Karaban

Worked at @skykick, @new-world-systems • Studied at @university-of-michigan, @michigan-state-university

ID 47827

Liz Vollman

aspiring female entrepreneur, is: product guru @pinkdingo, was: project manager @comscore

ID 117192

Jordan Skole

Data-driven director of marketing for @ambassador.

ID 531820

Matthew Hampel

Founder @localdata

ID 608717

Andrew Pace

ID 287148

Brian Bosche

CEO and Co-Founder of @ternpro. Former Startup Analyst @bizdom. 2012 Fellow @ventureforamerica. Co-founder of @startupeffect. @Dartmouth College B.A. '12

ID 156147

Omeid Seirafi-Pour

CEO of @myfab5 • Formerly @sheu-jane-gallagher @techarb and TCG, a Growth Strategies Consulting Firm acquired by @the-nielsen-company • @university-of-michigan Alumn

ID 127505

Malachai Frazier

Full-Stack Web Developer (Rails is my go-to framework) • Studied at @BakerCollege. Web Development Freelancer and bad dancer.

ID 91115

Eleanor Meegoda


Currently at @detroit-venture-partners; Worked at @easy-pairings & @the-rockefeller-foundation • Studied at @princeton-university

ID 70511

Shail Arora


Co-Founder, LaborEdge LLC

ID 94094

James Felton Keith

Founder @quigit, Mayor Apointee @CityOfDetroit, 15yr Tech Veteran. Fmr Faculty @MSU, Published Author.

ID 249393

Monica J Wheat

Voracious Knowledge Seeker; Digital Strategist, Marketer & Product Manager; Founder, Digerati Girls/Digerati Kids; Fmr. Global Social Lead for Ford, agency side

ID 294893

Paul Proctor

Founder of @locqus, @umich business graduate.

ID 446633

Brandon Eagle

Senior at University of Michigan looking for full time position working as a business or marketing analyst.

ID 211376

Jeff Ponders II

ID 11133

Erick Bzovi

Co-founder of @healpay. Previoulsy co-founded OutsideHub ad network. Grew network to $5mm in revenue, 350 pubs, 8 mm uniques

ID 239601

Philip Mshelbwala

CMO and Co-Founder of @reel-deal @wheeling-jesuit-university Business Admin '13 Entrepreneur, Passionate, Creative and a Big Thinker

ID 307913

Jake L'Ecuyer

Worked at @zaarly, @benzinga • Studied at @MSU Currently @ventureforamerica

ID 144944

Ramee Naja

CEO and Co-Founder of @reel-deal @wheeling-jesuit-university Accounting/Pre-Law '14

ID 77891

Ryan Hobbs

Idea cultivator, visualizer and problem solver. His work as Art Director and UX Designer allows him to consistently develop his understanding of the world.

ID 114286

Bill Rice

Digital Marketing - Web, Email, and Social Media

ID 450292

Alex Linebrink

Payment Technology Expert, Sales Ninja, Product Visionary. I thrive under pressure, always get the big win, and survive by connecting the dots.

ID 275110

Steve Hanna

Co-Founder & CEO of @sparkwant. We make @trendala. We're fundraising and hiring!

ID 583713

Scott Lowe

Worked at @chalkfly, @venture-for-america • Studied at @university-of-oklahoma

ID 424284

Michael Collins

Two time entrepreneur, 17 yrs in product marketing/management, strategy and technology.

ID 16328

Victor Bozzo

Founder @fm-networks BS Networking and Information Technology from Eastern Michigan University. Strong business background.

ID 824171

Robert Ervin

Co-Founder and CTO of Sparkwant. Builders of Trendala and looking for code ninjas. We're fundraising!

ID 75031

Zach Hines

I've Held a Variety of Roles - CEO, CTO, COO, CMO & Co-Founder of SignageGenerators,,, Buildatron 3D Printers, Studied at @rensselaer-polytechnic-institute, @tongji-university Shanghai - RPI Rowing -

ID 502265

Xavier Johnson

Self taught coder, started programming in 2004, love electronics and hobby hacking, experience with start-up software development, LAMP stack lover.

ID 141122

Thane Richard

Founder of @jaunt-1 . Worked at @mahindra-mahindra. Studied at @brown-university. Living in ground zero of Detroit's resurgence.

ID 470922

Wiebe Helder

Co-Founder & Director of Sales @ Cargobase

ID 400020

Luke Geiger

iOS Developer | Founder @6th-man-apps | Worked at @upto, @grand-circus | Studied at the University of Michigan |

ID 426383

Brandon Schram

Founding team at House of Marley (consumer products company in partnership with the family of Bob Marley) - biz/brand dev, head of sales, led distribution strategy; Opened (and since closed) Maple, a men's retail store in Detroit - by far biggest failure

ID 665257

Nimit Jain

Growth @YahooInc

ID 67705

Steven Robert

CIO of @billhighway-com; passionate technologist, entrepreneur, developer and life hacker.

ID 190940

Benjamin Mazza

Worked at @zynga, @thq

ID 471458

Fares Ksebati

ID 464352

Jim Powell

Executive at @general-motors • BS/MS ME at @stanford-university, MBA @university-of-michigan

ID 187369

Andrew Koper

Founder of, software engineer, ex nonprofit president, and social-entreprenuer in Detroit, BA in econ @oberlin-college

ID 289914

Jeffrey Herbstman

Experienced data scientist moving from university setting. Quick learner. Ph.D. educated in physics

ID 105344

Patrick McCabe

Founder @greenlancer-1 • Worked at @borrego-solar-systems • Studied at @michigan-technological-university

ID 384773

Amber Coffman

Digital Strategist. Fine-tuned skills working with for-profit schools.

ID 358757

Sawyer Altman

Co-founder of 313Energy, Stanford class of '17

ID 66110

Chris Moultrup


MidMichigan Innovation Center/BlueWater Angels/Elpis Technologies, Inc.

ID 463930

Dave Stenson

Founder Inventev, @new-motor-advisors • Executive in Product Devel at @general-motors, Raser Technologies • MBA at @harvard-business-school, BSME/EE at @kettering-university

ID 796148

Dr. Marc Weisman

Co-Founder @anywheremd, Founder, @PreferredMedicalGroup, Founder @BeautmontPhysiciansGroup, Vice Chair Pharmacy Committee @HealthAlliancePlan, @MSU

ID 186198

Bill Wildern

Founder ReapSo, @hydra-professionals • Worked at @general-motors, @resilience-capital-partners • Studied at @harvard-business-school, @kettering-university

ID 861059

David Stiebel

ID 56707

Justin Anderson

Associate @ @solidea-capital. Web-Entrepreneur; Worked at Morgan Stanley. Wharton Alum.

ID 471455

Walter Blake Knoblock

Published The Great Lakes Book Project in Feb 2013, sold 2k copies by 2014, Founded I READ BOOKS brand, combined merchandise in over 100 stores in 3 countries.

ID 426815

Ross Sanders

Executive Director of @bizdom and @bizdom Cleveland - Passionate about startups, entrepreneurship and all things Detroit and Cleveland!

ID 329233

Ashley Lauren Dickinson

Social Media & Marketing Manager. On-air host. Public Speaker. Communications Coordinator.

ID 167066

Brock Luker

Founder and President @engodo. Athlete turned entrepreneur.

ID 255853

Bradley Clark

Founder Silith.IO

ID 473617

Sara Anderson

Visionary, Entrepreneur, Marketing Manager @zobily and Founder @britelitescolor

ID 294830

Ben Chutz

Cofounder @ Birdhouse for Autism. First company started freshman year @ MSU (window washing). Won 2013 Ann Arbor Startup Weekend. Passionate quantified selfer.

ID 586889

Chad Whitaker

Founder and Product Designer at @demand-food. Frontend dev and backend hacker. Former Senior Product Designer at @hp and @benzinga

ID 459503

Zhelinrentice Scott

Digital Technologist

ID 182338

Camille Fetter

ID 328296

Emily Mahood Bowman

Experience design + information architecture + content strategy. Professional internet enthusiast. Currently salivating over a cold, bitter IPA.

ID 376671


MD @xelleration | Managed $150mm in banking | U-Mich MBA | Designed some of the coolest cars out there | Learned Lean @ Toyota

ID 184321

Brad Hosler

Founder @off-road-ventures • Worked at @ford-motor-company, @organic • Studied at @college-for-creative-studies

ID 304913

Deborah Tien

Founder of @sisasa | Work experience in Tanzania, India, Nicaragua, UK, and USA | Astrophysics BA | Studied @wellesley-college and @university-of-oxford.

ID 187198

Adam Kaplan

Executive Recruiter. Social Entrepreneur. Founder @bigtentjobs. Yogi. Worked @pwc • Studied at @williams-college, @emory-university

ID 871455

Joe Lin

Founder of Stuffhub Entrepreneur | Engineer 

ID 390872

Matthew Curtis

Digital world entrepreneur; passionate social problem solver; intelligent brander, strategist, and researcher; MBA from @university-of-michigan

ID 168761

Sola Obayan

Principal @bto Solutions. President/Exec. Director @Social Media Association of Michigan.

ID 560424

Kevin Bell II

Problems drive me, Challenges motivate me, Hard work is my lifestyle!

ID 127209

Lindsay M. Berman


ID 287457

Seth Kontny


ID 595285

Kim Lavine

Critically Acclaimed Bestselling Business Author, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of @mm-media a Hybrid Agency Disrupting the $500 BB Advertising Industry

ID 55592

Brandy Wimberly

Founder of @buyvite. Experience carefully crafting and creating Internet marketing campaigns for major brands. BA Film MA Journalism. Much love for ecommerce.

ID 181958

Patrick Kelly

Co-Founder @function-plus • Worked at @northwestern-mutual • Studied at @michigan-state-university, @marymount-university

ID 413983

Edi Demaj

Co-Founder @izisurvey-llc @reozom-real-estate-services Part of @gjirafa Studied @oakland-university-1 and @walsh-college

ID 585209

Mauricio Gomes

Co-Founder and product/technology @crowdhype Previously: Lead Developer @kontextual

ID 523012

Ethan Mayers

Founder @synthenai • Adviser @deadlinedetroit • International speaker on innovation and growth • Worked at @espn • Studied at @university-of-tennessee

ID 202878

Stephen Potter

Founder ReadySoft, Founder of Patriot Services Corporation • Studied at @michigan-state-university

ID 75017

joe nashif

Founded and

ID 224962

Josh Deane

Josh Deane Former KmartGamer | C.E.O. Project FrontBurnr. A new social commerce platform under development! Gamers will innovate a new path for brand engagement

ID 181920

Greg Hirsch

Worked at @deloitte-consulting, @allied-metals • Studied at @university-of-michigan, @stern-school-of-business

ID 68404

Christopher Papa

Chief Marketing Officer at PocketCents Inc. and Chief Marketing Officer at Coupon Wallet LLC

ID 26827

Shaun Reinhold

Founder @canvas-watch-company. Worked @ge-aviation, @ibm, and @tesla-motors.

ID 121146

James Haas

CCO of Likeminds (Springboard, now Techstars Europe). Founding experience: Picket, MegaEpic Games, Bluum, FB DataMine and Swoop. 8 years advertising experience.

ID 53874

Kathleen Norton-Schock

Co-founder and Chief Connections Officer at @ardentcause, a Midwest startup supplying much-needed technology solutions for the nonprofit world.

ID 787238

Boris Psakhis


I am a Software Engineer / Business Analyst for Penske however outside of that I invest in real estate (100% ownership) with a portfolio worth over 1M in SFRs

ID 550846

Katie Osantowske

Working at @lumi • Head of Supply Chain Management • Studied at @MSU •Worked @colgate-palmolive

ID 29563

Dillon Erb

ID 211179

Mark Kempa

Michigan Ross '13 Grad, Startups, Accounting, Craft Beer Lover, Go Blue!

ID 393291

Leslie Garrison-Martinez

ID 729811

Kayla M. Sanders

ID 396073

Christopher Reade

Creator and proprietor Full stack dev, done consulting, ready to build a thing.

ID 186816

Staci Wagner

Worked at @accenture • Studied at @western-michigan-university

ID 459623

Jessica Malouf

ID 407241

Lyndsay Stiff

In-House Attorney & Human Resources Manager at @messageblocks • JD and Russian/Japanese MAs from @university-of-michigan 2012 • Double BAs from @michigan-state-university 2008

ID 164833

James Wahls

Impact Investing Visiting Professional at W. K. Kellogg Foundation; Founder of Urban Employ; J.D., University of Michigan Law School; B.A., Michigan.

ID 824213

Eli Davis

Mechanical Engineer. Design. Prototype. Hardware. Formerly: @bolt-boston @essess-1 @mit

ID 373003

Lady Zhe

Proven Sales Professional

ID 328339

Adam Jake Steinberg

Real Estate, Media, Client Relations, Hustler, Production, Copywriting

ID 103814

Brian Ritter

Founder @spincard, @flipfrog • Worked at @domino-s-pizza, @fry-inc • Studied at @university-of-michigan

ID 731245

David G. Gross

ID 198143

Andrew Suciu

Founder Park & Rye • Studied at @UMich

ID 499306

Jason Lufkin

Founder Equi • 1st mobile startup. Worked at @kpmg • Studied at @university-of-maryland-college-park

ID 42992

Sharleen Smith

Co-founder of Launched divisions for SyFy, USA Networks & Oxygen Media. Masters Degree from @new-york-university's @tisch-school-of-the-arts, where she has served as an Adjunct.

ID 136323

Julie Mills

Technology and Security Leadership. Software startups, federal government, big corporations and back to startups. Technology and business combined. Wharton MBA.

ID 373721

Elisabeth Seigle

Founder & CEO Echo Process Healthcare Entrepreneur, Disruptive Innovator, Economist, MBA StrengthsFinder: Input, Achieve, Learner, Intellection, Maximizer

ID 171368

Dr. Jean-Paul Guiboux

Jean-Paul Guiboux, M.D. is a sought-after hand surgeon who has been widely published in professional journals. In 2001, he opened @michigan-hand-and-wrist.

ID 295574

Dwight Zahringer

CEO of TM Productions, TruReview and Serial entreperneur. Strong business, marketing and development background.

ID 207530

Wallace Lee Walker

Studied at @university-of-michigan. Dentist at Park Dental Service.

ID 409600

David Harris

Studied at @university-of-michigan // Worked at @microsoft, @apple-retail, and TAF // Founded @solvr-bz, @dream-allies

ID 272592

Mack Fuller

Founder Velvet Ape • Worked at @go-com, @blue-lithium • Studied at @bethany-college

ID 304200

Cora Cowles

Passionate about User Experience, proven ability to build a comprehensive UX program, Axure RP fan

ID 101056

Tony Tahmouch

Founder @hapi-co • Worked at @valassis, @dte-energy, @compuware-corporation • Studied at @university-of-michigan

ID 187662

Brian Davis

Co-Founder of Milq and Honey, @friendect, @bamboo-detroit, @furbr What's your 500yearplan

ID 678809

Michael Beaton

Digital Strategy Leader for Large Ad Agency at Major Automotive Company; Led Startup B2B Retailer into Hockey Stick via Digital Marketing Efforts

ID 219541

Jack McGrath

Founder & CEO of Zerebral. 1st software startup founded in high school, sold to help pay for college. Strong business and internet marketing background.

ID 278541

Mohammad Khalil

ID 835641

Kevin McQuillan

ID 115702

Jordan Bast

B2B business builder with 10 years sales, marketing, & management experience. Engineer & MBA. Advisor to Bison Pallet. Materials, industrial, cleantech.

ID 452491

Jane Sorensen

Worked at @doubleclick, @actional-software • Studied International Business @mcgill-university • loves analog life and nature • Social enterprise/innovator

ID 548989

Michal Nodel

Product person tweeting about startups, product development, production & publishing. Working on video games, film, food products and new media.

ID 90525

Rob Lund

I absolutely love programming. I enjoy Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and PHP. Wide range of experience. Startups to Enterprise.

ID 243486

Nate West

I'm a developer with a strong interest in UX and design. I've worked across the stack on both web and iOS development.

ID 579051

Badrul Farooqi

QA Engineer at @mobiata, now QA Lead @hook-studios. I've helped launch some of the most successful products in mobile and web over the past couple years.

ID 525442

Achille Bianchi

Co-founder & Head Designer; Product Development Specialist; Hackerspace Administrator; Journalist & Copy Editor

ID 731351

Reda Jaber


Director of Business Development @incwell

ID 44044

Wilbert Fobbs

Was Lead Architect at Auto Credit Express. Company became the #1 automotive subprime lead generator in US. Now, Director of Technology at Save On Everything.

ID 842978

Garrison Poston

Founder @Sire. Former Management Consultant. Car + Technology + Detroit Enthusiast. Studied @michigan. 

ID 564817

Andrea Anstett

Work at Teach For America, University of Michigan BA

ID 884049

Michael Dautermann

deep Silicon Valley experience (Apple, Adobe, etc.) hoping to be part of something inspiring back home in the D

ID 323784

Hubert Sawyers III

Principal at SORSAW; Marketing Optimization Specialist; Customer Acquisition and Retention Geek; Strong Fundraising Experience

ID 287749

Joe Kim

Founder Soovious

ID 229694

Sachin Parikh

ID 501344

Daniel Cohen-Arcamone

Strong business strategy background, passion for building new things. Looking for high intensity, rapid pace, awesome people! Currently working at the Boston Consulting Group

ID 6016

Matthew Caston


CSO at 365 Retail. Strong finance and sales operations background. Startup to enterprise management expertise. Moderately irreverent.

ID 688371

Nick Halfhill

Mobile Marketing Strategy for @ford-motor @team-detroit-a-wpp-agency , Mobile Product Manager @sephora, Digital Strategy for Blue Sky Therapy, VADO Therapy.

ID 543770

Edie Ofstedal

Hard-working, fast-learning college student. Interested in business, design, and technology.

ID 468233

Josh Rabinowitz

Founder @articulate-labs • Worked at @college-forward • Studied at @michigan-state-university

ID 129579

Gary Portney

Founder of Streamwize. 15-year background in starting enterprise software and application companies (5). Worked at Oracle before getting into start-ups.

ID 826949

Joey Silvian

Contract Chief Marketing Officer for over 15 startups. Worked for large companies Mattel, IBM, Chrysler and Large Ad Agencies

ID 457870

Ahron Katz

Hard working, and motivated young entrepreneur.

ID 168769

Jamie Begin

AWS consultant with extensive DevOps and application architecture experience. I might configure VLAN tagging one day and write a Python web app the next.

ID 106429

Garth C. Koyle

Co-founder @ @event-espresso; winner of the $40k 2011 Utah Entrepreneur Challenge. Prior Marketing Manager. MBA, MHA.

ID 424031

Terry Reece

Founder @reece-enterprises, @family-media-company

ID 540763

George T. Blackmore

Attorney. Entrepreneur. Working to modernize the legal industry.

ID 381719

Macklin Underdown

Chief Data Officer at Summer in the City. @umich grad. Creating with technology is what I do.

ID 280372

Joe Beck

ID 283850

Phillip Fattore

Sports and lifestyle writer for Sports Media 101, and "Bloomfield Hills Living" magazine. Founder of

ID 69719

Anthony Montalbano

Founder @spincard • Worked at @dominos-pizza, @organic • Studied at @kettering-university

ID 516595

Gurminder Deep Singh

Computer Science Graduate from University of Michigan. 2 years of experience in iOS development.

ID 456240

Paula Seville

Analyst at Deloitte Consulting, Michigan 2012

ID 35739

Alexander J. Marsh

DevOps systems administrator with 18 years of experience. Organized and resourceful technical leadership coupled with a strong customer focus.

ID 472670

Jared Inchiostro, MBA

Park University MBA. Over 10 years IT experience and over 6 in years managerial & supervisory roles. Worked at GoPro.

ID 851650

Dave Test

Haven't really done very much with my life, but it's great to be here. Be sure to tip your server.

ID 462353

Josh Radtke

International Marketing Professional - HEC Paris

ID 834163

Joshua Mastracci

JD student at @tulane-university. BA in economics from @boston-college.

ID 616000

Alexa Llibre

Harvard Sociology B.A., Spanish teacher and Teach for America alum. Worked at SGA Youth & Family Services, Chicago Public Schools, Harvard College CityStep.

ID 300478

Jason Trombley

High performing sales executive, launched and sold 2 successful software startups.

ID 599039

Shay S.

Recent University of Notre Dame Grad B.S. Biological Sciences '13 M.S. Engineering, Science, and Technology Entrepreneurship '14

ID 418418

Marcus Eagan

Learn the people, feed them food. Tikkun Olam.

ID 503264

Omer Kiyani

Founder Sentinl • Worked at @exelon, @robert-bosch • Studied at @purdue-university

ID 573704

Terrence J.L. Thompson

Worked at @bodman-plc, @flagstar-bank • Studied at @eastern-michigan-university, @wayne-state-university

ID 168619

Cullen McKinney

Cullen McKinney has been practicing law for nearly 20 years. In 2009, he became a Founding Partner at Tanoury, Nauts, McKinney & Garbarino, PLLC.

ID 164323

Pete Mohan

Co-Founder and Marketing Hustler for @portable-scores and @bushwhack-apps. Creating product buzz and connecting with brilliant people

ID 392484


Co-Founder of 86'dtab, web developer and serial entrepreneur.

ID 180428

Ralph Delius

A board-certified cardiac and thoracic surgeon, Ralph Delius, M.D., possesses special expertise in congenital heart surgery and pediatric cardiac surgery.

ID 23806

Donna Kassab

Founder @iheartkids

ID 692522

KJ Sampat

I am passionate about modern web development and responsive design. Armed with my code editor I love to create beautiful digital experiences.

ID 767822

Kyle Valade

Full-stack software developer

ID 565119

Jeff Rogers

Asst. Account Executive at Lowe Campbell Ewald • Former student-athlete at Northwestern University

ID 653453

Elizabeth Machesky

Northwestern graduate; human capital consultant; project management experience

ID 526748

Lauryn Stallings

Business and lifestyle journalist. Representative of Media Therapy TV. Media training via Missouri School of Journalism.

ID 391061

Evan Bontrager

Mover and shaker looking to leverage my experience and diverse skill set to grow and grow with a disruptive company. Willing to relocate preferably to LA/SF/SD.

ID 757298

Amal Shah

Wayne State University CS & Finance. Young professional & entrepreneur.

ID 150284

Drew Georgeson

A surgeon with extensive experience in trauma and minimally invasive surgeries, Dr. Drew Georgeson has practiced medicine for more than 20 years.

ID 816228

Cassandra N. Sawden

❥Ᏼlessed ❣ Ꮯulture ❣ Ꮇusic ❥ Ꮹenerosity ❥ Ꮮaughs❣Ꮇotherhood ❥ Ꭰaughter ☆ Ꮮⅈℓ ℒⅈℓℓⅈᏋ ❣ Ꭲradition ❣ Ꭺrt ♡ℒO͜V͡E͜ ★Ꮮife♡ ༝०☻༝०

ID 853989

Samuel Holden Garfield

Analytics, Data Science, and Business Intelligence professional; 2.5 years at Quicken Loans; Experience Building Industrial Data Science Solutions

ID 488190

Jeff King

Entrepreneurial multi-talented embedded engineer with RF background

ID 570370

Teja Rudraraju

MEAN Full Stack Web Developer

ID 830976

Brittni Carter

Michigan State University Master’s Degree, Advertising, & four-time college soccer Division I champion; in both situations “scored, defended and led a team.”

ID 636771

Hursh Narain

Native yooper, proud Spartan. Likes to build things

ID 550994

Michael DeSantis

Current Master of International Business Candidate seeking an entry level position in the Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Investment Banking industries.

ID 333016

Joshua Freedman

Founder @cabbygo, and a bunch of other private projects•, Pitt grad. 3rd Best Broker in the Nation 2004

ID 64725

Krystal Smith

Founder of @tvinvite

ID 376357

Michael Quane

Mobile Lifestyler with passion for connecting peoples lives to reality. Location-based Advertising Pioneer with a flair for making things happen. Able to take back of napkin design to market. Exceptional with customers and consumers...I am one too!

ID 510039

Chris Goeth

HigherEd educator. US Coast Guard Auxiliary. Nutrition Buff. Amateur woodworker. Tailgate and BBQ Cook.

ID 273973

Kelsey Ellefson

Strategist with global and domestic experience on several blue chip clients. Employs journalism background to solve marketing problems.

ID 305989

Drew Harrison

Entrepreneur, polymath and founder of multiple businesses. Currently focused on developing the bitcoin and other block chain based ecosystems.

ID 537384

Joshua Cardwell

Founder @Trippy_Trunk, IG @trippytrunk, Studied @HU

ID 706601

Kyle Aungst

Rails Dev. w/ project management experience who likes EmberJS and D3

ID 119908

Mike Kochis

Founder Axe Packs • Worked at @toyota, @eprize • Studied at @kettering-university

ID 168891

Judge Richard B Halloran

Judge Richard B. Halloran has served in the Family Division of the Third Circuit Court of Michigan in Wayne County for nearly 15 years.

ID 203741

Mike Wille

Founder Socialply • Worked at @doner-advertising

ID 139134

Christopher Cole

Accredited changemaker. Therapeutic Speaker, Founder and CEO of Kokonow. Eagle Scout.

ID 400047

Matt Geiger

Founder 6th Man Apps • Studied at @depaul-university

ID 154858

Christopher Lee

COO and head of design at Sense Inc. MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Special Lecturer in Studio Art at @oakland-university-1.

ID 247087

Alex Konetchy

Founder @konetch • Studied at @principia-college. Started programming when I was 10

ID 73973

Brandon Cooper

Co-Founder, Partner of WDiTT, Pximity

ID 474636

Alex Dudick

Mechanical engineer; looking for a challenge; varied competencies including mechanical design/testing, software/hardware skills and implementation.

ID 489560

Patrick Ellis

Legal Project Manager @ Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn LLP interested in legal tech, social entrepreneurship, and access to justice initiatives.

ID 606553

Bradley J Baker

Senior at EMU looking for future employment.

ID 231437

Vincent Massimino

I can talk a cancer patient into buying cigarettes.

ID 333814

Michele Cox

Corporate Storyteller | Strategic Marketer | Brand Journalist | Customer Insight Development | Strategic Leadership | Brand Vision

ID 493722

Mike Moceri

Founder, CEO of Manulith Detroit The 3D Printing Cowboy

ID 372868

Matt Steinman

Entrepreneurial spirited individual looking for a challenge.

ID 225256

Aaron Cosentino

MSU CS. Master at Ruby/Rails. Founded

ID 51242

Jesse Dorsey

Founder @dream-monster, Indiepoint • Worked at @compuware-corporation • Studied at @michigan-technological-university, @wayne-state-university

ID 57099

Danco Sotirovski

Founder @workfly • Worked at @best-buy • Studied at @western-michigan-university, @walsh-college

ID 736103

Gregory Thomas

I am a sales guru / technology enthusiast / supply chain graduate with a passion for intersecting business and technology.

ID 883119

Jeremi Hunter

All about results and Impacting revenue into a company. Starts with Sales

ID 554164

Dan Davis

Honors Student. D1 Athlete. UK Experience. Passion for brands

ID 442206

Cid Szegedy, MBA

ID 690778

Traci Kranz-Vrana

ID 217630

Bill Richards

ID 342785

Icee Griffin

ID 93266

Mark Simpson

Manager-Product Development

ID 355680

Kristopher Allen

Currently work at Fortune 14 company, McKesson, as an Operations Supervisor.

ID 572642

Andrew Krebs

Strong background in legislative affairs at the state level, non profit management, program management and development

ID 481850

Kyle Pressley

Skilled communicator looking for an innovative role with a cutting-edge company.

ID 278566

Sean Ely

Director of Video Production at Strong marketing background (Michigan State University). Star of "The Social Media Pessimist" series.

ID 654603

Sarah Sherman

Graphic Designer

ID 298152

Jessica Robinson

Strategic thinker. Tactical implementer. Bridge builder. Love using data to understand key financial and business drivers. Passionate about cities and mobility.

ID 400088

Tony Fernandez

Former Professional Hoops Player Studied at @aquinas-college

ID 186679

Jeremy Jefferson

CEO of World's largest online marketplace for lawn care and lawn mowing services.

ID 193128

David Kircos


Founder @polyhedron-llc • Worked at @habitat-for-humanity • Studied at @michigan-state-university

ID 411958

Alex Boyd

Currently working at @irule-llc Worked at @tiller • Studied at @michigan-state-university, @university-of-michigan-dearborn

ID 695110

Nicholas Garzon

Founder SoFitU • Worked at @florida-state-university University • Studied at @florida-state-university

ID 250827

Johny Thomas

Founder @partyline • @us-23-drive-in-digital-theater • Partner @bel-air-10-digital-theater • Studied @wayne-state-university

ID 599146

Herman H Wang

ID 98321

Tim Miller

Accounting student @oakland-university University Founder-YouBark Owner- UFH Art Shows Founder- MeToo

ID 62654

Kyle Burke

@michigan-state-university Spartan. World Backpacker. Entrepreneur. Hockey Player. Homebrewer. Socially Responsible. Bookworm. Aficionado. Aquarius

ID 547121

Stefan Leon

Founder @sofitu-1 I Graduate of @florida-state-university-1 I Worked @florida-state-university-1

ID 276227

Holly Brinkman

Worked at @meeple @greenopedia @switchcam @shaker • Studied at @columbia-college-chicago

ID 240250

Joseph Malinowski

Jack of all trades with extensive experience in A/R, payroll, invoicing, social media, and non profits. Young, hard working young professional looking to grow.

ID 798590

Sara Fritz

Marketing professional for a fast-growing digital media startup in Detroit. Seeking Chicago career opportunities.

ID 323935

Jason Niewoit

Motivated, driven, and a dedication to life long learning.

ID 441769

Tod Cunningham

20 Years in Software, broad multi-industry experience. Full stack generalist in technical and leadership. Launched 10 iOS apps, worked at Autodesk.

ID 726815

Amanda Mazzola

ID 457199

Kamel Rushaidat

Wayne State Phd, Experienced software engineer for more than 10 years, strong passion for robotics building and programming.

ID 843734

Heather Penny

ID 368266

Nick Bognar

Social & Content guy. I like writing, building and learning. Currently at an Interactive Marketing Agency focusing on Automotive in the Motor City.

ID 636377

Tiff LeGreair Jordan

Successful College Student

ID 506383

Nikhil Srivatsa

Mobile and Web App developer, LAMP stack guru, Entrepreneur

ID 548841

Thomas Gregovich

MSU graduate, well-versed in email marketing and front-end development. Wide background knowledge makes me a good team player.

ID 623838

Zac Fregoli

Co-Founder of Buhz, Founder of Blendoid LLC

ID 514744

Robert Skinner

Business Executive experience in operations, business development, sales, marketing. Founded and sold 3 startups in IT services, SaaS and ecmommerce.

ID 639167

Celeste Filiatrault

Founder Ponder • Worked at @metrotimes, @real-detroit-weekly • Studied at @oakland-university

ID 364775

Chelsea Figlan

Created mobile app for Army Corps of Engineers. Worked front-end & UX/UI; | MSU B.S. Media and Information: Web and Interactive Media

ID 790821

Kacey Cummings

ID 756682

Carl Johnson

Michigan State University CS student, problem solver with a huge interest in web technologies, 

ID 276896

Rajendra Achanta

Interested in investing & coaching/mentoring startups. My experience in technical program/ large project management, product releases, team building might help.

ID 596791

Brandon Morson

Results-driven Marketing, Sales, Account Management, Project Management Pro; Agency-side & Client-side experience. Worked with DCI, GM, Nissan, RedBull, AT&T

ID 203141

Andrew Pellegrino

ID 81224

Anthony Williams

CEO of Divisible Domain. Author of the science-fiction novel "The City of Dying: The Fallen Kingdom Vol: 1". Available now

ID 83843

Patrick Hayes

I create my own breaks. Digital marketing obsessed and focused. Co-Founded @EnvolveClothing.

ID 369146

Kyle Steiner

Founded supply the shave

ID 330642

Omar Hiari, PMP

Electrical & Computer Engineer, 7 years of experience in automotive divided between Hardware Engineering and Technical Project Management. iOS Beginner.

ID 882181

Igor Noberto

Bachelor student of business in Wayne State University, and Mechanical Engineering in Federal University of Campina Grande, Brazil.

ID 465172

Sam Boyd

Pursuing an MBA from Wayne State University, love sports and statistics, never worked for any apps but willing to learn.

ID 781494

Steven Clausnitzer

Co-founder Coinamp LLC • Co-Founder, Award Winning Business Development Manager for a Fortune 50 Financial Institution

ID 46867

Nick Karr

Aspiring entrepreneur- cofounder of Belkar Group and K&B innovations patent think tank. MD @wayne-state-university University- 2008

ID 137533

Bob Lyons

Seasoned sales and product management executive. Have run $225M business unit for Fortune 500 company. Now cofounder of internet startup.

ID 691249

Taryn Markoe

ID 858050

Jordan Hiller

Digital Marketing Analyst. Strong eCommerce and Business accumen.Detroit Startup Background.Lover of new marketing technology. 

ID 581857

Phil Rhinehart

Electrical systems engineer @eaton

ID 214672

Briant Anthony Campbell

A rare talent with a strong design background and front-end development skills.

ID 447306

Patrick Pylypuik

Dynamic, results driven Enterprise Solution Sales Executive with 10 years’ experience with a stellar record of leading high performance technology sales teams.

ID 410927

Tina Trevarrow-Dirkes

Founder Christian Kick Music, @continuumspaces-1 • Worked at @ikea, @asml • Studied at @university-of-advancing-technology

ID 491032

Isabel Little

Recent grad in Entrepreneurship. Worked at Vimbly and Revolution Prep. Current freelance startup consultant. Seeking opportunities in marketing and operations.

ID 340225

Ebi Baralaye

Artist, Project Manager & Front-end Developer.

ID 666760

Crystal Williams

ID 479330

David Medlock

Business Leader focused on customer engagement, an engaging employee experience, and providing profitable business results.

ID 824732

John Dennis Pedrie

Front-end and PHP software engineer

ID 279725

Jasmine Uduma

ID 483159

Kevin Jorge

Wayne state university student.

ID 206712

Teia Harris

I am a LOVE Connoisseur... I work at @LovePublicity helping small businesses build their brands + Creating a new Love product for women. Serial entrepreneur.

ID 683251

Keenan Dijon

ID 617361

Ango Investments

ID 543234

Nick Beccia

Award Winning Medical Sales Professional with a track record of 10 years of sucess

ID 625673

Allan Zamierowski

Hard worker, excellent problem solver, efficient

ID 88698

Erik Alburg

Thinaire Head Of Development - Full Stack Ninja, Scalable Cloud Scholar, Front End Dynamo, and Mobile App Apprentice; Stellar Analytical & Team Building Skills

ID 114358

Kyle Hilla

Founder of Apptopus, Inc.

ID 555216

Dannie Lynn Fountain

Marketing | Tax Preparation | Entrepreneur

ID 102866

Matt Tyndall

Mobile Developer @compuware Founded @citytrend, Computer Science grad from @grand-valley-state-university

ID 610859

Anthony Ward

ID 243163



ID 691411

Darryl Dexter

I have 10+ years in design/development and focused completely on front-end technologies since jquery started gaining popularity.

ID 265307

Kevin O'Connor

Results-driven, dynamic executive with 20+ years of fast-track, progressive experience in managing and growing businesses; strong cross-industry qualifications with proven financial, marketing, executive and entrepreneurial experience.

ID 838287

Thomas Typinski

Serial Tech Entrepreneur • Founder of Peak Physique Inc • Lean Practitioner • Worked at @the-white-house, @us-army • Studied at @full-sail-university-1

ID 798279

Lenny Kugel

ID 245731

Mohammed Kassem

Senior at @wayne-state-university - Computer Science and Mathematics major. Developer in languages: Visual Studio C++, Basic, Python, MATLAB, Pascal (Delphi), & Wordpress.

ID 258425

Ivan Sugerman

Full-Stack Developer at Next Wave Services. Formal design education with 9 years development experience.

ID 592073

Chris Tylenda

Founder, NavRun & NavRide • Innovation Expert, Sustainability Lead Working for one of the most innovative startups on earth, eliminating standing water problems

ID 278914

Raghu Katti

Chief Architect who is a Big-data, Storm enthusiast. NodeJS, Hadoop, Mongodb based Software Architect and open-source contributor.

ID 601014

jeremy kay

Founder Toys from my Attic • Studied at @lawrence-technological-university

ID 95530

Lauren Wolfe

CEO & Co-Founder Partyista

ID 55948

Eric Wright

You can find all sorts of cool stuff about me at .

ID 628193

Suzanne Wall

GVSU Alum. Problem solver with an eye for the details and determined organizer of all. Customer Service, quality, and sustainability focused.

ID 652410

Mia Pokriefka

Co-Founder & UX Designer @elm.

ID 497856

Justin Montalbano

Founder @spincard • Studied at @davenport-university • Worked @blue-cross-blue-shield-of-michigan,@delphi-automotive

ID 433259

Leonard Coklow

Founder of SoundMatching; Accountant in-route to CPA

ID 551517

Michael Stracke

Entry level technical student and freelancer with years of experience with WordPress, HTML, PHP, and Desktop Java applications with some experience with android

ID 268469

Phil Selander

Lead creative and front end developer for Ginkgotree. Worked as an art director for 3 years in the advertising industry in metro Detroit.

ID 450521

Chuck Wheeler

Marketing Strategy, Creative Direction, Software UI/UX Expert, Co-founded Interactive Food Industry Software Company, Digital Production Producer and Director.

ID 154019

Doug Magyari

Founder and CEO of @immy Inc.

ID 739414

Nick Virag

Hackathon finalist, E3 game dev competition finalist, top-rated indie developer. Worked freelance, interned at Detroit app dev company, and taught robotics.

ID 503718

Zachery Lefebvre

ID 414769

Troy Biddix

A respected Certified Public Accountant and tax specialist, Troy Biddix has served at the Detroit office of Deloitte LLP for more than two decades.

ID 354633

Joe Carioti

QA Engineer at @shoutengine. Founder of Just Cool Enough. IPC Product Specialist at Phoenix Contact. Worked at:, & podcasting since 2006.

ID 859435

Jonathan Polter

Founder @pawnguru-com, PawnGuru, Managing Director @ Accelerated Life Solutions. 

ID 446677

Jasmine Walker

Public Relations/Management Student Establishing a company that incorporates PR and Management principles for the advancements of all artist entertainment careers.

ID 826564

Jordan Dean

ID 510449

Brock Godbout


Founded BROX Investments

ID 762951

Ben Couture


I am a leader in the programmatic advertising space, and I have deep knowledge of the technology as it relates to media, interested in investing more there.

ID 793420

LaDawn Catchings

ID 772774

Joseph Simon

ID 552496

Jackie Palmer

Worked at @startup-institute with a Partner project at @bucketfeet, • Studied at @spelman-college

ID 741366

Ron Reed

ID 801549

Rakesh Chandrasekaran

ID 748718

Sander Cohen


Founded in 1999 and Force Volleyball academy in 2007. Creates small business opportunities for artists and coaches worldwide.

ID 774983

Mike Naughton

ID 736889

Neicysilver Heart

Experienced Human Resources professional with over 6 years’ experience devising organizational strategies and implementations to perform business operations.

ID 78926

Main Line Entertainment

ID 510742


LabCoatGigs is a single resource tool dedicated to providing recruitment and career resources to the advanced practice community (NP, PA, CRNA, CNM).

ID 834001

Payton Wilkins

ID 730726

August F Everson

ID 485112

Roger Mensah

Founder Endless Crowds LLC

ID 769588

Tristan Mortimer

CS major, currently data science and machine learning researcher, worked on robotics systems in high school and applied computer vision and control theory.

ID 740759

Benjamin Schomer


Interested investor, actively seeking sound investments

ID 660082

Marlo Rencher

Mom. Wife. Entrepreneur. Anthropologist. Co-Founder @snapsureco. Committed to diverse technology entrepreneurship.

ID 405808

Cassandra Buss

ID 205347

Jeff Moon

Sales and Operations Socialply LLC. Strong business background. Investor and successful Entrepreneur of retail stores and restaurants.

ID 812551

Ryan Kilgore

Marketing and Operations Professional

ID 870306

Todd Sedlak

UAV/UAS Operator, designer, integrator, trainer, developer, salesman, demonstrator with military, firefighting, and EMS experience seeks sales position.

ID 581482

Hossam Tanana

A pharmacy management professional, Hossam Tanana consults on the full spectrum of operational, sales, licensing, and training.

ID 829593

Rishi Patel

Undergraduate student at Wayne State University. Worked at Sterling Bank & Trust. Looking to expand business background.

ID 853865

Donovan Kaddis

ID 668823

Christopher TheBlackgoogle Moon


Successful real estate broker looking to invest in startups.

ID 604496

j la

ID 552324


ID 839758

Mick Bassett

ID 568183

Dakari Smith

ID 620415

Kawita Kandpal

ID 611801

Alex Baldwin

Front-end code wizard, "lvl 3000 cyberwitch", internet enthusiast, wrote a content management system from scratch at 14.

ID 609068

Sanjeev Mirle

ID 698415

Romoku Carhasarah

I love C# and game development.

ID 681537

Jake Raickovich

ID 618037

Evan Kaplan

ID 597263

Jacob Warren

ID 710841

Jamal Sanders

ID 833985

James Boomis

ID 819921

Mark Petroff


Mark Petroff is driving Marketing Associates as the leader and innovator in integrated marketing solutions through advanced analytics and technology solutions.

ID 594109

Nakya Breana Johnson

I'm customer friendly and is ready to take on any challenges you offer.

ID 479105

Jesus Ginez

5 year MBA/BA / University Advancement Student Assistant/ NCAA Division 1 soccer player/ Fluent in Spanish

ID 404969

Mitchell Budden

ID 548511

Pablo Criado-Perez


Starting Investor in the startup world

ID 472771

Josh Walker

Entered management field out of high school. Founded Brighter Fire Apparel in early 2013. Moved onto start Brighter Fire (Creative Agency) in late 2013.

ID 530927

Tanya Jackson

ID 489850

Andrea Calvert

University of Michigan graduate, three years in the bridal industry, pluviophile with a knack for whimsical musings

ID 465646


A data-centric software company based in Detroit, Michigan. Turning Ideas into Unforgettable experiences!

ID 418160

Gina Schrader

ID 394168

Nathan Mazur

Founder @mazur-senior-care-services. Entrepreneur since age 18. Lover of problem solving & Sales/marketing. Sold my company and looking for a new opportunity.

ID 396504

james johnson

ID 514314

Nicholas Fedorchak

Driven and ambitious financial professional who strives to meet organization’s objectives. A vital team member who utilizes business experience to the fullest.

ID 484394

Steve Stickel

Self taught developer with entrepreneurial spirit.

ID 384806

Brittany Osiborski

Event Coordinator; Bachelor in Communication with Event Management & Hospitality minors; Strong organizational skills; diverse professional background.

ID 476806

Apara Sivaraman

Undergraduate student at Duke University, seeking summer internships

ID 524181

Lauryn Carlini

ID 391104

Anthony Petz


ID 418505


ID 502158

Katie Curry

ID 489179

Kenia Rivera

I don't even know.

ID 463101

Richard Ozdowy

University of Michigan BSE

ID 315766

Tony Hoban


ID 336039

Kees Janeway

ID 327985

Brandi Cryer

Ex waitress

ID 326677

Yerko Sepulveda

ID 287793

Max Berlin


Founder of MeasureComp a Measuring Company sold Company to The Home Depot in 2012

ID 311517

Patrick O'Hara

ID 359561

Joe DeAngelo

Experienced sales/marketing professional looking for a position where I can meet and exceed sales goals, maintain excellent customer service, and grow the company's client base.

ID 369656

Raghu Katti

Full Stack Software Architect/Developer with startup experience Glyph, Toppographics. Strong development and management background.

ID 133739

Scott Hauman

Namer + Brand Strategist + Account Planner + Market Researcher = Big Idea Generator | Co-founder of | Partner in

ID 361267

Vernon` Smith

I can help achieve sales and revenue objectives

ID 335318

jason miller

will play video games for money

ID 368246


Guy that does stuff

ID 164229

Michael Skehan

Corporate finance professional with ~3 years of diversifed experience in automotive industry, ranging from budget/forecast, pricing, value added tax & treasury

ID 231150

goose baldwin

mostly-front-end web developer and designer, artist, activist, almost a college student.

ID 137074

Sammantha Bulman

ID 357451

Sebastian Poweska

ID 314960

Patrick Nyenhuis

ID 159512


ID 371640

Jaeson Brown

I'm a creative, tech minded business guy that loves thinking about, executing new ideas, and solving interesting problems through Design Thinking.

ID 53282

Jennifer Sulik

Experience creating custom integrated media programs and branded games for fortune 500 companies. Priorities-Player experience, generate revenue, company ROI.

ID 54986

Joe Santos

Creative Services Director: Cumulus Media, CBS, Greater Media. Production Director: MTV Networks, long history of Content Creation w/Business Degree (Marketing)

ID 91354

Matthew Kowalski

CEO at @atma-holdings LLC I see the colors in this life as vibrant burning stars among the vast pitch of the solar system.

ID 111593

Gabriel Brown

ID 64520

Erin Flynn

Co-Founder & CCO at @canopi

ID 70544

Hitendra Pavuluru


ID 7185

Adam Finkel

ID 94241

Andrew Chow

MBA student at University of Michigan - Ross School of Business. Previously a management consultant with @accenture. Studied biomedical engineering.

ID 15358

Brian Hehir

ID 5625

Andre Brown

ID 73098


Spry is a private incubator founded in 2009 at the Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan border.

ID 3868

Jeff Palumbo

ID 7116

Eric Polerecky

Founder @shopreactor • Worked at @grasshopper, @pillar-technology

ID 120661

Jason Laurain

I'm a dad to three great kids, and I also love photography !

ID 4027


ID 108230

Gabrial Szakal

Apparel, Print & Web Designer, Brand Developer, Online Retailer, Social Media Marketer, Event Producer & Artist.

ID 120829


Father, husband, part-time motivational speaker, & full-time Web & iOS Designer. Founder of @TurnMatic, Designer of @votespot & a ton of other cool stuff!

ID 126615

Mike Simmons

ID 102920

Stephen Boyle

Media Working Group member at Occupy Detroit

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